At Stockhuttrades, the safety of our clients’ funds is at the top of our list of priorities. As traders and experts with experience spanning decades, we understand the importance of safeguarding trading funds. We have implemented the highest level of technology and compliance to ensure that your funds are more than adequately protected.

In this age of identity theft, top level security is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Our primary concern is data security. You can be assured that all of your personal information and capital are secure, and kept private at all times. Our well trained team assures you a trading environment and platform that is secure, private and flowing with features.

We deploy the use of SSL encryption technology for all credit card deposits. This should give you the assurance that all your financial and personal information is kept safe and secure as you trade with us. Our site is secured using the latest SSL certificates so you need not worry about hackers or any other malicious attacks. When it comes to security we have got you covered.

Please bear in mind that here at, our employees will not ask you for your account password at any time! Take responsible steps to keep your account safe at your end, and it will be totally safe on our end!