iFollow is the newest feature on Astro Ledger Mining’ platform. iFollow allows traders to follow the best and most experienced traders on our platform. Novice traders are able to make substantial profits simply by following our more advanced traders, from the day they deposit funds into their account. All traders need to do is to choose the trader that they believe will be the most successful and automatically have all of their trades duplicated into their account.

Here is the process of how to go about using iFollow on Astro Ledger Mining’s platform:

You will find the iFollow tool under “trade now” once you are logged into your account.

Once they have chosen the trader, they need to choose the type of trades they prefer to be copied into their account by clicking on “Asset Trader”. The default is “Cross-Asset Trader” which means that you can trade a number of different assets, or you can also decide to follow a specific asset.

Once you have chosen the trader you will be following and have set the parameters, including time frame which gives you, the option of following your desired trader for 1 day or an entire year, and also have chosen the amount per trade. Traders can click on the “Followed Traders” tab to see the process of their trades.


Are you prepared to begin profiting today with a skilled and experienced trader?